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When it’s hot out, HVLS fans are a real relief. They stir up huge columns of air instead of just small sections, making them highly effective at cooling off anyone working on the floor.

Since the HVLS fans work so well at keeping people cool, there’s less of a need for air conditioning in facilities that are equipped with these appliances. An HVAC system is still good to have, but HVLS fans will supplement it well, which can reduce the cost of cooling. For facility managers trying to find the right balance between comfortable employees and affordable heating and cooling, pairing HVLS fans with an HVAC system is a win-win.

In the summer months, these industrial ceiling fans blanket a massive area, moving air to create an expansive comfort zone with an evaporative cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. And while fans don’t technically cool the air around you, the circulating air encourages evaporation, which can make people feel several degrees cooler.

These commercial ceiling fans keep your employees cool, comfortable and working at their peak performance.

Control Costs

Large commercial ceiling fans are typically seen as making a bold statement in a building’s design, but all you have to look at is the science behind the big fan to understand that these large fans are more than just for show and more about how they make people feel. Design is being redefined according to the human comfort of the end-user, and now more than ever, design is about helping the clients become more resourceful, resilient, and regenerative. From facilities as large as industrial warehouses to buildings as small as specialty coffee shops, large industrial fans in many shapes and sizes are being utilized—seemingly everywhere—to create environments where people want to gather and thrive.

These large commercial ceiling fans help thermally equalize a space by moving air in the most efficient way possible. The fans use their long airfoil blades to move high volumes of air at low speeds, which provides a balanced airflow without the kind of disruptive air movement that could blow the hat off of your head. The end result is a gentle breeze that circulates the air, improving comfort and indoor air quality. This puts less demand on HVAC systems, reduces moisture, and, most importantly, makes the occupants of a building feel more comfortable.

How Does Air Cooler Work?

Air coolers, also known as evaporative or swamp coolers, cool an atmosphere by evaporating water. As air flows over water, certain particles on the water's surface are carried away. These particles take the heat with them, and this allows the air to cool. This is the main mechanism behind air coolers. Continue reading the article to know more about them.

How Does Air Cooler Work With Water?