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How to Wear a Polo Shirt With Style Private

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The polo shirt is a true men’s style staple.

Yet despite its ubiquity in the male wardrobe, it’s not a garment that typically comes in for much affection or enthusiasm.

Perhaps this is because of the negative associations with which the polo shirt is laden. It is often thought of in terms of a uniform — either literally, as in the required get-up of a pizza delivery man or elementary school student, or metaphorically, as the go-to garb for corporate drones and preppy fraternity brothers. The polo is further seen as the default of the sartorially lazy — something a guy dons when an event requires a shirt with a collar, and he can’t be bothered to even button up an Oxford.

Wear Pajamas To Work Day

After spending a hectic day getting your taxes filed in time for the April 15th deadline, it’s time to enjoy the day after by celebrating Wear Pajamas To Work Day. This holiday is celebrated on April 16th and encourages everyone to go to work while wearing their favorite pair of pajamas. Of course, if a person does that they’re going to want to make sure their boss is okay with the idea. Fortunately, there are plenty of bosses who are okay with this holiday and allow their employees to be a little more relaxed while they’re working.

The History Of Wear Pajamas To Work Day

The hoodie is definitely geared toward the younger generation. The urban clothing industry is definitely in the lead for the creation and marketing of hoodies. The trend can be traced back to rappers who wore them as a way of looking sinister. Now the trend has taken off and any urban clothing enthusiast would have at least one hoodie in their wardrobe. Famous hoodie brands include Christian Audigier, LRG, and BAPE (Bathing Ape). These clothing designers know what the young crowd want - unique designs that give the individual a sense of personal style.

Hoodies are no longer just popular for males. Clothing designers have created hoodies that fit the frame of young women as well. They do not fit large and bulky the way most men prefer their hoodies. Women'hoodies are made to fit a woman's frame to still accentuate her figure. The urban look of the hoodie compliments both men and women when wearing a cool pair of jeans and some fly kicks.

Previously called a union suit, the first form of t-shirt was from New York. A union suit was a one-piece garment in white color with buttons in front. Nowadays, we’d probably call it a onesie, despite the fact that it’s used as an undergarment and is tighter and more close fitting than it’s modern counterpart.

Why sweatpants are the best. No contest.

Some days are made for sweatpants. You know the ones – maybe you feel a little bloated, or after a long week of wearing suits to the office, you just want to unwind. And it’s also nice to have something you can move in when you’re wrangling the kids, running errands or just going for a walk with the dog. These days, sweatpants don’t have to scream, “Hello world, I’ve given up,” as they can look as stylish as anything else in your closet.

They’re not ugly any more. We promise.

Back in the day, your average pair of sweatpants were best reserved for occasions like “I have the flu” and “the baby was throwing up all night.” Baggy, shapeless and unattractive, they were just plain ugly. Sweatpants have undergone a major style transformation though, and you can now find ones with feminine cuts and waistlines you’ll want to show off instead of hide. And they come in every color you can imagine – not just heather gray.

They’re just so comfortable.

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