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Types of Stretch Film Private

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 There are many brands and configurations of stretch wrap film in the market today, as a matter of fact there are too many and its confusing to say the least.

    Broken into two main categories of Hand Stretch Film and Machine Stretch Film depending on how the product is applied the rest of the variations are focused on gauge, manufacturing and application.

    What is Hand Stretch Film?

    Stretch film designed specifically to be applied manually is referred to as hand stretch film. It is also referred to as hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap or manual pallet wrap. It is typically utilized in lower volume packaging operations. However the efficiency of manual stretch wrap packaging should be regularly re-evaluated against potential benefits of upgrading to a machine applied films.

    Choosing the right stretch applicator will result in more efficient and cost effective packaging operations.

    What is [url=http://www.hongsince.com/stretch-film-machine/]Machine Stretch Film[/url]?

    Stretch film designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine is referred as machine stretch film. It provides many advantages over hand film including: faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, more secure loads and more.

    Common Machine Stretch Film Types

            Blown Stretch Film


            Cast Stretch Film


            Pre-stretched Film


            Specialty Stretch Film


    The basics of the stretch wrap world are that the heavier your load and the farther it travels the more film you will require to secure it. With this in mind the process requires knowledge, experience and expertise to select the most cost effective solution for your shipping requirements.

    What is Cast Stretch Film?

    Cast Stretch Film, otherwise known as Cast Film or Cast Wrap, is manufactured using the cast extrusion process.

    Typical Characteristics of Cast Stretch Films

            Excellent Optics






            Superior Tear Resistance


            Quiet Unwind


            Consistent Cling


            Consistent Film Thickness


    What are Pre-stretched Films?

    Pre-stretched film is film that has been stretched (or pre-stretched) during the manufacturing process and then rolled onto cores for customer sale.

    Pre-stretch Film Benefits:

            Safer and easier operator application


            Less operator effort required to wrap pallet loads


            Less waste to landfill


            Reduced neck down eliminates revolutions and trips around the pallet


            Lighter rolls reduce operator fatigue and staff loss time injuries


            Pre-stretch films are recyclable


            Pre-stretched film is strong, consistent and stable


    What are Specialty Stretch Films?

    Specialty stretch films are designed to answer very specific packaging needs that more general purpose stretch packaging products cannot accommodate. A small sample of some specialty stretch packaging films are below.